Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Splitter

High PoE active Power Over Ethernet Splitter / Adapter

Our high power active PoE splitters provide a highly cost effective and easy way to power any legacy Ethernet devices. Its high efficiency wide band design from 5W to 30W output load allows the splitter to offer the flexibility of powering both low power IEEE802.3af (PoE) as well as high power PoE Plus devices.

Part Number
Output Voltage
POE Splitter


Input Voltage
36V to 57V DC (for higher power operation an input voltage of 51V or higher is recommended) Extracts power from either data pair (pins 1,2,3,6) or spare pair (pin 4,5,7,8) or both pairs
Input Current
600mA maximum continuous as per draft IEEE 802.3at
PD Detection
Presents IEEE802.3af PD signature and Class 0 classification to PSE on any one pair
RJ45 shielded connector for PoE Input
Output Voltage (±3%)

12V           13.5V           15V            18V            21V            24V
Output Current (RMS)
2.75A         2.44A           2.2A          1.83A          1.57A         1.37A
Output Power
Dependent on input voltage
27 Watts maximum continuous. 30 Watts maximum.
Maximum output power is determined by the input (voltage and current). Current IEEE 802.3at standard permits 0.6A maximum input current. 30 Watts output possible by exceeding IEEE current limits to a maximum 0.75A
Regulation (typical)
± 3%
< 100mV p-p (at DC Jack)
End to end
≈ 85% (at 24W load at 51V input, 12V model)
RJ45 shielded connector for Data Out
Centre positive barrel 5.5mm x 2.5mm for DC Out
1500V Isolation between input and output
PoE detection and classification
Output Power
Output power LED will blink in the event of an output overload and switch off.
Operating Ambient
-20 to 50°C (-4 to 122°F)
Any power device such as this splitter produces heat and requires de-rating to operate at ambient temperatures over 30°C (86°F). The plastic case is not suitable for outdoor operations at higher ambient conditions.
-20 to 65°C (-4 to 149°F)
5% to 85% RH
Safety and Compliance
FCC Class B Part 15 and EN55022 (CISPR 22) Class B
ESD : EN61000-4-2
RS   : EN61000-4-3
CS   : EN61000-4-6



  • IEEE802.3af compliant* *Compliant to all IEEE802.3af specifications except the higher current up to 700mA. Presents class 0 PD to PSE.
  • High efficiency flexible "wide band" design peak up to 88%. over 80% from 5W to 30W output load on input voltage from 36V to 57V.
  • One splitter for both low power or high power
    Flexible "wide band" design operates efficiently with any IEEE802.3af Power Supply. Regular or higher power.
  • Choice of output voltage models.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Accurate output linevoltage load regulation.
  • 1500V isolation barrier for safety.
  • Full protection.
    Input under voltage or over voltage, output over current and short circuit. Output can permanently short without damage.
  • Supports 2 pair or 4 pair power extraction.
    Extracts power from either data pair (1,2,3,6) or spare pair (4,5,7,8) or both pairs. PoE signature on any one pair.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • 10/100/1000 (Gigabit) Ethernet support.
  • Diagnostic LED indicators.
    Input DC power and PoE good on, output power on.


  • Remote IP Phones.
  • IP Telephones / VoIP Video Streaming Telephones.
  • Wireless Access points / WiMax™ Infrastructure.
  • Bluetooth Access points.
  • Remote IP Data Loggers.
  • PTZ Security IP Cameras / Video Surveillance.
  • Point of Sale (POS) terminals / IP Print Servers.
  • Small Notebook Computers / Thin Clients.

Recommended PSE (Midspans and Endspans):

The PoE Splitter is IEEE802.3af compliant and will work with any IEEE802.3af compliant midspan or endspan.

For high power operation, we recommend the following midspans :